life is very hard you know .

I just want to tell little story of my self .

going through life was hard .

I cut my self because I thought it would help but come to find out it wasn’t so fun or going to help me.

I had no body there for me when I need someone so stayed to my self until one day I got someone to talk to but I still didn’t tell people stuff.

they person who was there for me broke me.

they left me just in 2 months.

yes it did hurt, but it was for the best.

now I have someone who really cares for me and who is here for me.

just want y’all to remember no matter how hard it gets just wait it gets better.

drama everywhere you go

what really pisses me off is where you think someone is ur friend but they are over there talking shit about you. no matter what you do, you can be nice to everyone and everyone tries to make rumors about you.

life is full of drama thats all I have to say. and yes there will be times where you run in to people who don’t like you but doesn’t mean they have to make rumors about you.

see I have this boyfriend and he has this friend who was with my so called friends and there was this lonely boy who doesn’t have a girlfriend because he can’t keep one. me and my boyfriend never talk crap about people to each other unless its our family. so my so called friend and my boyfriends friend was making rumors about us saying we talked shit about them when we don’t.

then this lonely boy thinks he is part of our life and goes and threatens my boyfriend. you know its bullshit people have to be so damn petty.

just want to let everyone one know that sees this that its not right don’t sit there and let people talk crap about you or your family unless you are there and you are part of what they are saying .

lief isn’t easy but you can do it without drama – unknown

drama free in this house- unknown

thanks for reading this have a nice day and remember things you say matters